Training Center FAQ

1.   Who has helped with the growth of the Northwest Iowa Public?

The City of Spencer Iowa
Clay County Board of Supervisors
Clay County Heritage Foundation
Local Public Service Organizations

2.  Is there a construction deadline?

We are looking to have the tower built in the fall of 2019

3.  Are there any plans for expansion?

The training site is a project that is coming in three phases
  Phase I Excavation
  Phase II  Tower and foundation
  Phase III  Education center

4.  Will the site be used for other trainings other than fire training?

Yes, we will host confined space rescue, grain bin rescue, rope rescue, vehicle extrication, and other Fire Service Training Bureau courses.

5.  Will other entities use the Training Center?

Yes, the police department, and H.E.A.T. team will use the Training Center for hostage situation training, room search & clear, forcible entry and other scenarios.  This will also be used by local area companies that need confined space training, and fire extinguisher training.

6.  Is there a charge or fee for the use of the Northwest Iowa Public Safety Training Center?

No, for the Clay County Fire Departments, local police and sheriff departments.
Yes, for future use of fire departments outside of Clay County.
Yes, if the site will be holding trainings with outside instructors, to help pay for additional class costs.

7.  Will the fire departments outside Clay County be allowed to use the Training Site?

Yes, this is for all area departments in Northwest Iowa (North of Interstate 20), Southwest Minnesota, and all points in between.

8.  How will classes work for those departments that cannot send their full fire department?

We will host the same class over many weeks to ensure all members will receive the same class

9.  What kind of equipment do we need to bring?

Your own PPE including your SCBA.

10.  What about air cylinders, should we bring a spare?

If the class is a live fire burn or search under smoke conditions, bring one in the pack plus one additional cylinder.

11.  What will the hours of operation be?

Daytime for business and companies, evenings for most area departments, weekend daytime for one and two day classes.

12.  Are there amenities at the training center?

There will be plumbing, but for the first season, or a little longer we will have a minimum of one porta potty and during a weekend class we will have more as needed.