Junior Firefighter Program

The Junior Firefighter program consists of local area high school students that have an interest in becoming involved in the fire service.  Some, but not all, of the criteria that the students must have is a good GPA, good standing member in the community, and clean criminal record.   These students start off with classroom lessons that explain what fire is, how its created, and what the most effected methods of extinguishment is.   Some other classroom skills learned are communication, team building, Fire tetrahedron, and PowerPoints from IFSTA Fire Fighter Essentials.

After the classroom activities, we then introduce them to firefighting gear, and tools of the firefighter trade.  We then teach them how to properly use the tools and nozzle control.  We are firm believers that your tools are only good if you know how to use them correctly.
These Junior Firefighters will then be introduced to the rest of the firefighter family, and will learn skills together.  These skills include Fire Extinguishment, rope rescue, water rescue, vehicle extrication, and other trainings that involve life safety.