Why join the Spencer Fire Department?

The fire and EMS services of today can be challenging and very diverse, and that is what attracts the men and women to join our ranks and be a part of our family.

What better way can people have the chance to be a chef, industrial worker, teacher, or desk jockey by day, and drive a firetruck, fight a fire, or even save a life at night.

Though we realize that firefighting or EMS is not for everyone, volunteering can be. It takes many people at a fire call.  Many help on scene but do not fight fire, same goes for after a fire.  A person could spend as long of time cleaning up and restocking the firetruck after a call when returned to the station.

The feeling you get when you help someone in the time of need is incredible.  Volunteering gives you that chance to help others.  Helping others could be giving CPR to a patient, talking to someone that’s just having a bad day, or bringing a baby into this world, to saving valuables like pictures or jewelry from a person’s house that caught fire and was a total loss.  The self-reward is something that you cannot describe to someone else.

Part of our vision at the Spencer Fire Department is, “We will take the fire department into the future through productive teamwork, open and honest communications and participative decision making throughout our organization.”  By reading this it means without you, we can’t build a future, can’t have teamwork, and won’t be able to build our organization.

Joining the emergency services is a decision that YOU need to make.  It can be stressful, it can be physically demanding, but it can also be rewarding.  Please take your time and talk to family members about you joining.  Let them know that you may be called away for service in bad weather, dinner dates, and family festivities.  When you make the decision to join our ranks and be one of the few, we welcome you into a secondary family like you have never experienced.  We will welcome you to the Spencer Fire Department.